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Adult, teen & child group offerings. Special interest offerings.

Please email for more information.  

Military Expeditions/Outings


Disconnect from the hustle of normal life to recharge, re-focus, and re-learn how to invest into relationships, "restful play" and get back to the basics. Retreats are activity focused and depending on the season, take place in either Florida or Montana. Grants cover travel and lodging expenses.

GO (Get Outdoors) 2023 Expeditions

Get Outdoors is a expedition coaching group for teens ages 14-17 &  adults 18+ that helps to address relationship stressors, self defeating and/or self sabotaging behaviors and self esteem struggles.  Groups are interactive, experiential and educational by design.  

  • Superior Hiking Trail

  • 3 day, 2 night  

  • Minimum: 8 participants

  • Maximum: 15 (additional groups will be added if needed)

Skills Enhancement:

  • Team work

  • Independence

  • Resilience 

  • Peer to peer feedback

  • Goal setting

  • Psychology of survival

  • Land navigation/orienteering

  • Knots

  • Communications/signaling

  • Self defense

  • Medical

  • Preparedness and planning

​There will be a cache hunt at the end of camp as well as some campfire bonding. Each lesson learned will be followed up with some psychological and life connectors as well as a practical application of the skill.  Teens will be using state and federal lands to practice their skills.

Detailed packing list included with registration.  

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