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Shoot Therapy

Much like Walk & Talk Therapy and Adventure-based therapy, Recreational shooting has many helpful mind/body benefits and can be used as a way to get 2A-minded clients outdoors working on fundamental skills such as calming breath, executive thinking, emotional bounce-back, and body awareness,


Recreation Shooting

We all deal with stress throughout our lives, even for the most laid back and easygoing among us. In our primitive days, early humans relied on stress to get them out of tight situations. There’s a problem, though. We rarely find ourselves in an actual life-or-death, fight-or-flight scenario in today’s modern world. We are more likely to be stressed about work, and this chronic stress can have disastrous effects on our overall health.

It’s why finding ways to relax and enjoy ourselves is so essential. And believe it or not, heading to your local shooting range for a much-needed shooting session is a great way to do it!

Health Benefits of Shooting

Here are a few reasons why practicing at the range can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve your self concept.​

Mental Gains: Many shooters will tell you shooting is a head game. It’s a mental workout as much as a physical one.​

Meditational Elements: At first glance, shooting a gun might not seem meditative in nature. Each aspect of shooting demands attention and effort. 

​Adrenaline Gets a Boost: The rush of adrenaline that accompanies shooting hones your mind, energizes your body, and floods your system with mood-enhancing neurochemicals. 

​Access to Nature: Access to nature has a profound effect on physical and mental health

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