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Adventure-Based Therapy

Adventure- based therapy is a form of therapy that involves immersing yourself in a certain experience. Adventure-based therapy is distinguished by its emphasis on action. Action is important because when a person is bodily engaged, they have access to psychological elements they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Action can also be a precursor to change—by acting in a new way, a person can think in new ways.

Woman Wall Climbing
What is adventure based therapy?

In part, Adventure-Based Therapy works by allowing clients to venture outside their comfort zones. By providing opportunities to escape from the daily routine, Adventure Therapy helps clients see themselves in a new light. Furthermore, mastering new challenges in a collaborative environment boosts self-esteem, mind/body skills and internal confidence in self.

While Adventure-Based Therapy takes place outside the confines of a traditional therapy setting, it has its roots in several psychological concepts. These include systems theory, experiential learning, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Who, what, where...

Adventure-based therapy is personalized to each clients ability, goals, and needs...stepping with confidence to whatever comes next. It’s about growth and health. Get outside. Connect. And heal. Then get back to living your best life. Need a reset? Need a condensed intervention while the family system reboots? Need a challenge to help recenter your own life compass? 

A proven alternative to talk therapy, we are committed to offering the evidence-based approach to counseling known as Adventure Based Counseling, Wilderness Therapy, and Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare. Based on outdoor and experiential education, sessions are safely structured to encourage healthy risk-taking in sometimes unfamiliar settings.

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